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MODULESCA - How does it works ?


Our staircase module is developped by our R&D department, and is a PATENTED PRODUCT. Totally RECYCLABLE and environmental friendly, it can cope with more than 6 000 kgs compression and resists to extrem temperatures (from -20°C to +70°C)


With 17 cm height, 42.4 cm depth and 93.4 cm long, MODULESCA is a well-sized staircase for an easy use of it. With a light weight amounting 5 kg ONLY, the modules can be easily manipulated without any effort.


Depth, also length can be adjusted by associating other modules of 20 cm or 1m long. No size limite!


The run of your stairs is also adjustable from 23 cm to 37 cm depending on the slope.





 Step 1 : TACKLE your slope !          



  • Choose your path wisely for your landscape stairs , and measure the highest and lowest point of your slope to determine the number of steps you'll need.


  • Then, start to excavate the stair location along the entire length of future stair by lining the ground of your slope





 Step 2 : INSTALL ! 



  • Excavate the base trench with restricted dimension (mini 17 cm depth, 94 cm long and 24 cm large).
  • Fill the hole with wall rocking or granular material and place the first module on it.
  • Once on the right position, fill with granular material or concrete.


  • Then, adjust the second module on the first one thanks to mounting lugs and practical rails and push your step against the slope. The easy positionning is measured by a precise notch system.


  • Final locking is done with 3 screws 6x40 (delivered with the step)


Any comments ?


More ! Curves can be created with a 13° maximum rotation angle, both to the right and to the left.






 Step 3 : CUSTOMIZE !  


Bespoke your landscape stairs as you wish ! Wood, tiling, paving stones or marble... no limit to your imagination !







    Please contact us should you need any contents.