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MODULESCA - No need to build your stair case !



MODULESCA could be considered as as ready to use stair case. It meets individuals and professional needs for outside layout with 4 positive points :


 EASY : an all terrain stair ! 




No need to adapt tools and techniques to your slope ground : now, it is your steps that are adjusted to your wishes and your hillside.


MODULESCA is a champion of adaptability : whatever the terrain, whether straight or turning, your staircase rises in a jiffy on slopes up to 70% rising without sophisticated calculations. 


How does it work ?










 FASTER - intended for DIY  ! 



With MODULESCA, we are all able to build outdoor stairs. Its soft weight up to 5 kg/steps reduces a huge amount of effort in buidling steps on a hillside. Only 3 tools are required : a shovel, a level and a screw gun ! No more need for strong arms or a full team ! Only 1 person is needed to install MODULESCA




 CUSTOMIZABLE  -  a besoike stair decking solution !  



A basic design and simple project for building stair on a slope and enable professionals to create an harmonious outdoor layout. Customize your stair : wood, stone or tile, MODULESCA works with all surfaces.

Your staircase meets your expectations in its shape and in its finish. 



 ECO FRIENDLY - Sustainable stair  


Ecological - economical

100% made in France in a high resistance and rotproof material, MODULESCA complies with Bio compatibiliy normatives and lasts for long. Extrem temperature won't damage it and no need for routine maintenance


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